Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good News and Bad News

I just happened on this tidbit over at GAC

The Good News: Sony Pictures is including a Scrappy cartoon as a bonus feature on a forthcoming DVD box set of Hammer films. This is, I think, the first Scrappy ever to be legitimately released to DVD. 

The Bad News: It's 'Merry Mutineers', a Color Rhapsody  from 1936.  I know not everyone will agree but I think the Scrappy series was pretty solid for it's first four years. This particular cartoon occurs after the departures of Dick Huemer (creator of the character) and Art Davis (his assistant and director after Huemer left) which left less enthusiastic people to churn out the series until it's sad demise in 1940's 'The Little Theater'.  

details on the set as a whole can be read here:

Wow, what a weird looking Scrappy!


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