Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Taken For A (Blurry) Ride: Part 2

Continuing 'Taken For A Ride' (Krazy Kat, 1931) - Unfortunately the focus on the video camera starts struggling with the low light of this particular sequence. Too bad because it's one of the most atmospheric sequences I've ever seen in a 30's cartoon. At least equal to 'Swing You Sinners' which the Fleischer Studios had released a few months prior. I've tried to clean them up as much as possible and have put in captions to help clarify.

BTW - here are two indispensable posts on the Mintz Studio here and here

Top side, Krazy is nervously lurking in the cemetery. The gorilla bear (now resembling more of a gorilla) trails in grave costume.

He takes a shot.

As he turns, the tombstone on the costume whistles a funeral march with clasped skeleton hands. Yes, the costume is also alive.

He turns around and runs into a tree which pulls out two revolvers.

He turns from the tree into the site of a rifle barrel. 

The barrel (also alive) guides him toward a tombstone.

The tombstone grows a canon which licks it's rim pervertedly. Make your own joke.

He runs from the canon into a bunch of tree branches (?) each holding a revolver. 

He runs with costumed gorilla in hot pursuit.

The gorilla throws some dice ('rolls the bones') which morph into skull and crossbones. The crossbones grow into arms which reach out to touch Krazy's shoulders.


Part 3 (less blurry) Coming Soon!

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