Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween: Midnight Frolics

Topping off my Halloween Cartoon countdown today is the Color Rhapsody "Midnight Frolics" which was released Nov.24, 1938. The 16mm print above is a real beaut but was unfortunately transferred a little dark thus obscuring the opening of the picture. I have included frame grabs from a different B&W print (which I've tinted blue) to help explain what is going on through the dark section. Happy Halloween!!

The camera pans down to a ruined front gate. The tree blows in the breeze a la Iwerks.

The camera pans right from the front gate over a dark tree-lined path to an old house. Lightning flashes intermittently. The image above is the film's proper color palette (on 16mm anyway). This film would look amazing on 35 - anyone out there seen it?

Camera trucks in on the house.

Cross dissolve to the front door of the house.

Camera trucks in as the door falls inward.

Truck-in continues through darkness until the house interior is revealed.

Camera pans left to the window shade.

The wind blows the shutter across the keys of the organ.


Belle Dee said...

Yay! Terrific! Thank you for sharing these wonderful gems!
Hope you had a Happy Halloween!
PS: I love your ghost art in the side bar!!

J.V. (AKA "White Pongo") said...

Thanks! Most of the credit should really go to Mark Kausler who's 16mm collection, I believe, encompasses much of the 'Garage Sale' discs and Jerry Beck for the mammoth task of transferring every one to DVD. This particular print comes courtesy of Bob Jaques.

p spector said...

Thanks for a great Halloween week!