Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tom Turkey

Here's a heavily DVNR'd Happy Harmony "Tom Turkey & His Harmonica Humdingers" (1940). The pluses? There's some nicely done animation in there. The minuses? If you can get through this without putting your fist through the screen you have my eternal admiration.
Oh you'll find out.

Color Classics coming soon!

Happy Inbred Turkey Day!


Lluis fuzzhound said...

ahaha!!! that's great!!! I lived through it...hhehe lucky my wife wasn't in the house.. she hates harmonicas!! bag pipes are the most annoying of all instruments though!!!

But yeah great animation! They sure were crazy back then!


K. Nacht said...

Yeah, the musical number with the interruptions of the old confederate destroys the incredible beginning of this cartoon: Tom's long strolling tracking shot, the slow-as-molasses dime flipping cracker and general lassitude of the cracker-barrel munching cop. Great bopping walk cycles! Great stuff 'til the band starts to play. Also a nice corrollary stereo-type from the usual targets.

Anonymous said...
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J.V. (AKA "White Pongo") said...

I don't know why 'Tom Turkey' attracted Asian porn (the link formerly above) but I've removed it. Sorry, all you Asian porn fans.