Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And the winner is....

By a landslide. Now you can waste valuable seconds on a brand new pole. Vote today, lives depend on it!


p spector said...

Gotta love that atomic Pudgy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my little pupsy <3
hes so magnanimus *Quote from Pudgy and the lost kitten 1938

Anonymous said...

true i do agree Bimbo was a perfect match for betty their names even matches * Betty & Bimbo
not to mention she was to be the counterpart for him meaning she was meant as a girlfriend for him becuse before she arrived he starred in many cartoons alone until the betty boop prototypes started been seein in various cartoons

but its just he couldnt continue in the human world when betty boop starting having humans and fearless fred overtook him for a while

Myron waldmon stated in the betty boop Dvd that he couldnt stand bimbo the dog so he created a loveable character named pudgy

i like both anyway seems bimbo made a comeback in betty boops hollywood mysterys but it just wasnt the same... as the fleischers cartoons

bimbo was set to make a reapperance in the scrapped betty boop cartoon from 1993 along with koko the clown and betty boops father Benny Boop but it was all scrapped.......
only moore studio show the running storyboard with betty boop and her missing father preforming a jazz song

oeconomist.com said...

After Barnacle Bill, Betty should never have had another thing to do with that punk Bimbo!

BTW, when I polled my readers on sexy cartoon characters, Betty Boop tied with Jessica Simpson for second place. (Marge Simspon came in fifth, after Jessica Rabbit. Bugs Bunny in drag beat them both.)