Sunday, March 7, 2010

Popular Science issues on-line

Just happened on this: Popular Science has posted an on-line searchable archive of all (I'm guessing) of their issues. As you all know, Max Fleischer once worked for the magazine and was featured in some of their articles. I think a number of these have already been posted at Cartoon Brew but I have yet to do any real digging to see what other animation stuff might be in there. Thought you might be interested...

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Anonymous said...

that was a great article. no wonder it was in a science type book. becuse they kinda used great some techinques which i cant exsplain becuse im not great at things like that.

but it shows cels go straight back in time.

that cel which is shown just so happens to be from the cartoon
Grampys indoor outing.

which features Betty Boop & her nephew Junior.

also the rest of the book contiunes about popeye the sailorman.