Monday, April 12, 2010

Greenbriar cartoon links

If you are a 30's cartoon nut like I am I'm sure you are aware of John Mcelwee's 'Greenbriar Picture Show'. Last week he posted a bunch of rare Oswald trade ads that still have me drooling so I thought I might post a convenient set of links to his other cartoon posts which all contain rare ads! Here they are:

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Anonymous said...

that was actually great reading about van beuren studios.

It stated (RKO Radio)

so it seems subby bear is also on the list, i will admit hes cute and all but he lacks something.... i think i have him on a cheap dvd somewhere.

makes me wonder..... Mr Raypointer stated margie hines was the vocals for the van beuren cartoons but when i did some research on little ann little aka, Ann Rothschild i had read that she used to sing for RKO radio under the name little ann little.

well guess that will be unknown becuse margie and ann sounded alike.

i also think the Van beuren studios was rivals towards the fleischer studios. wasnt they like across the road from one another?
im not sure....

anyway with the van beuren studios sometimes they would have like awsome characters then sometimes they wouldnt ever be seen again... unless they were the main characters.

its such a shame the van beuren studios cartoons disdnt last more longer, but they sure did create alot.