Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Do You Want it Parted on this Side?"

From fine art daydreams to real world nightmares comes this Screen Song cartoon released December 5, 1931: My Baby Just Cares For Me. It's weird going through those Screen Song discs (alas some in the lowest-fi 16mm possible) that while some cartoons, like 'You're Driving Me Crazy', get watched a lot others somehow get glossed over. I always skipped over 'My Baby Just Cares For Me'. Maybe it was the Bosko-ness of the jockey's face that lead me to believe it was only a string of crude stereotype gags. Such cartoons are not all that common in the Fleischer cannon (less so then, for instance, Warners' cartoons) but they do happen. How wrong I was! I have unearthed the Greatest Cartoon Ever Made. Prepare yourself...

Meet Bimbo's half brother: Bingo. If you are walking down the street in a Fleischer cartoon your feet should come out of your shoes. This much is certain.

Trash piles were enchanted places in those early Fleischer cartoons.

Did I leave my web-cam on?

"Do you want it parted on this side?"


A portrait of this man should hang over every cartoonist's desk with the word 'Genuis' superimposed.

This scene defies description. I have no idea who animated it but it seems he must have been going through something heavy. Or maybe somebody handed him a model sheet of a hippo. Who knows?

Great scot!


I wanna wake up now! I wanna wake up now!

Moral of the story: tongues are vital.

Stereotypes? Yes. Demented? Very. Your journey is just beginning...


rev.andy said...

Yep. A day hardly goes by when I don't stop and think to myself, "What would Dave do?"

rev.andy said...

One more thing. I love this page. Just thought I'd let you know.

J.V. (AKA "White Pongo") said...


Frank M. Young said...

Oh, what a lovely way to start my day! Thank you, as ever, kind sir... now I want to go lick something...

Ran - Chan said...

The scene from 2:34 - 3:00 reminds me of a scene from Bimbo & Betty in CrazyTown.

From 6:02 the Old man appears as a janitor, now just one thing about him? he has appeared in quite many Talkartoons. But Just who is he? He has also appeared in the Betty Boop series Quite a few times.

The old man appears in -

Kitty in Kansas City (1931)
(It was noted that Kitty might not be Betty Boop in that Screen Song becuse the animators could only draw her model at the time) But if it looks like her why cant it be her? neverless the old man makes an apperance.

the old man also made other small apperances is MASK-A-RAID & Crazy Town & also Chess Nuts.

The only person i can think of the old man being is someone from the fleischer studios..... Only Grim Natwick comes to mind with the long nose & Large pointed chin, or i could be wrong he could be someone else, but this Character always made backround apperance's in early Talkartoon Cartoons.

hoppurtoppur3 said...

now THAT's demented.and is that even a horse?" nonetheless,great stuff,
Blanche Pongo!