Friday, May 13, 2011

Film Daily

Blogger was out yesterday but I wanted to post this link to The Film Daily Archive. Animation stuff is a little thin from what I've been able to go through (the last issues dating from 1929-the first year of sound) but there are quite a few Krazy Kat ads (example above) and a few other things worth hunting for and plenty interesting ballyhoo from Hollywood's prime. The 1929 issues favor Columbia, Warners & Fox. So, no Fleischer ads* but a few interesting for Krazy Kat & Columbia shorts. Some nice ads for silent Universal horrors (like 'Cat & The Canary') in there as well. Haven't gone through the earlier issues yet but if I come across something I'll post it.

*at least no renderings of Koko that I've been able to find. Plenty of reviews & interesting articles though which can be found by doing a search inside in the 'search inside' box on the tp right of the screen of each issue. I'll be pouring over these for months to come undoubtedly.

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