Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tom Turkey

Here's a heavily DVNR'd Happy Harmony "Tom Turkey & His Harmonica Humdingers" (1940). The pluses? There's some nicely done animation in there. The minuses? If you can get through this without putting your fist through the screen you have my eternal admiration.
Oh you'll find out.

Color Classics coming soon!

Happy Inbred Turkey Day!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some Of These Days

Thanks everyone for stopping by for my annual Halloween Cartoon Countdown! I'm taking a little breather (not that I post that often anyway) but thought I should at least put something up before I go so here's a wonderfully fun and funky bit of animation from 'Wise Flies' (Talkartoon 1930, credited to Willard Bowsky and Ted Sears) to the tune of 'Some Of These Days'. The song goes back to 1910 (when it was composed by Shelton Brooks) but became enormously popular through a version performed by Sophie Tucker in the 20's. Rather than include that version I've opted to post the stellar 1930 recording by Cab Calloway and his amazing back-up band: The Missourians. At least one of the musical cues, in the later 'Minnie The Moocher' (Betty Boop) cartoon was a Missourians song composed before Cab joined the band! Enjoy and see you soon!

Happy nightmares!