Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Greatest Cartoon Ever Made

Continuing my series on The Greatest Cartoon Ever Made which began in 2008 with The Greatest Cartoon Ever Made I present today The Greatest Cartoon Ever Made. Fleischer cartoons could get pretty weird but there's a special category for 'Hide And Seek' (Released May 26, 1932).

It was animated by history's crustiest animator: Roland 'Doc' Crandall! The animation gets pretty crude at times. Some of it even resembles Terry animation from a few years previous. Crandall preferred to work on his own and from the film itself I can see why! Welcome to the inside of Doc Crandall's brain - I'd turn back if I were you ...

Scene 1-Pervert looks through window...

Bimbo is a cop for some reason. Pants are falling down. Mickey & Minnie flee the area...

How many perverts have their own business card? Wait, don't answer that ...

This cartoon has it all: Lechery, Goats On Ropes.


Razzberry sputtering motorcycle anuses. Calling Dr. Freud...

Character Designers take note: a prop can also be two separate characters. Class dismissed.


Who needs The Human Centipede when we've got 'Hide & Seek'?

I kid a lot but Crandall had a wonderfully raw expressiveness to his stuff. You'd never see something like this from one of the west coast studios. Urban anxiety permeates throughout. Nobody did this like the Fleischers!

Mount Dave.

Enjoy your weirdo pie!

Note: the cartoon ends with an asian stereotype. Not the kind of thing I endorse here, hence this warning, but for sheer strangeness, and it is pretty strange, I decided to post 'Hide & Seek'.