Saturday, March 29, 2008

Transogram Ad

Just to break up all the frame grabs - a Scrappy toy ad from 1935.

Vulcan Entertains Pt.7

continuing with 'Vulcan Entertains' (I keep typing 'Entertained' for some reason)
 in bootleg-o-vision ...

Drunken Prohibition is startled.

pan left
to cool DT ghosts! Man, I'd love to see color or at least clearer here. I didn't notice the flying serpent (at the top edge of the frame) until I did this post!

and a cow foo-mobile! I have conflicting dates about when Bill Hollman started 'Smokey Stover'. One book gives 1934 and the other gives 1935 as the beginning of the strip. Is this Bill Hollman's influence or an influence on Bill Hollman or merely a  coincidence? 

pan back (right) to Prohibition

a snake emerges from the bottle and bites him on the nose.

he's freakin' out, man!

Willie, Devil and Co. laugh as a smaller looking Hellhound exits left.

cut to Hellhound sniffing at the ground

Friday, March 28, 2008

Vulcan Entertains Pt.6

Continuing the filling in of 'Hell's Fire', an Ub Iwerks cartoon from 1934, from two of the surviving 16mm prints. At this point 'Vulcan Entertains' (the black and white grabs) and 'Masqeurade Holiday' (in color) follow pretty well the same path with a few edits which I'll point out.

Isn't Hell fun?

Willie meets the Hellhound (actually a three headed cat): 
one of the Iwerks Studios coolest characters!

Willie has a bone in his pants (write your own joke)

The bit where the Hellhound belches after swallowing the bone (I said write you own joke already) is cut from 'Vulcan Entertains'. There will be no rudeness in the presence of Vulcan.

Did Willie's dog have a name? Or was Yippy two timing Scrappy?
He bites at a flea.

Follow the flea!

... into the fur of the Hellhound.

The flea exits the Hellhound.

It continues on it's mystical journey ...

... over to Napoleon. 

He takes out a fly swatter.

The flea's journey of discovery has reached it's end. In this print of 'Masquerade Holiday' (the color print) it cuts directly to the Hellhound sniffing the ground.

back to 'Vulcan Entertains'

He puts the swatter in his shirt. So that's why Napoleon keeps his hand in his shirt. Who says cartoons aren't educational?

he goes back to his bounce cycle (to 'Hell's Bells' - remember?)


... to Old Man Prohibition who's getting completely lit ...

Man, I've been there!

Is there a theme to this cartoon?

More Soon!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vive la Mickey!

Let's take a break from 'Vulcan Entertains' to look at some cool French Mickey posters! I love the drawing of 'Mickey Galant' - a lot more sexual tension than you'd ever see in the American posters! Seems a lot closer to Van Beuren who, coincidentally, was also distributed by Pathe. One thing for sure: that ain't a mouse glove mickey is kissing!