Saturday, July 28, 2012

Betty Boop on DVD?

Evidently this news goes back to March (I missed it) but Olive Films (the company that has been licensing pictures from Paramount in recent years) has licensed the rights to all of the non-PD Betty Boop cartoons from Paramount/Viacom.  Personally I would love to see a good release of 35mm Screen Songs and Color Classics (which would really shine) but, if this is happening, it's great news. There is talk of remastering which I understand Olive has been careful with on their recent releases "Colossus of New York" and "The Space Children".  Hopefully they will use care in choosing the best materials - even if it means the old Republic LD transfers.  Leaving out the PD cartoons seems kind of silly though.

If the set only had 'Betty Boop's Penthouse' it'd be worth the asking price. 

Click the link  to get to the the mention of it today at DVD Savant.

Here is the mention of it from a few months back at the Home Theater Forum.

If anyone out there can correct me on any of this let me know.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th