Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ghost of a Post

 "Miss Betty Boop"

 "Send her in". If I had my druthers every voice in cartoons would sound like Billy Murray.

Over at "She Blogged By Night" Stacia is posting a terrific set of early 30's "cheesecake" Halloween  glamour shots. I love how the surreal elements of the Fleischer cartoons almost seem to actually exist in these. After you've finished oggling our Miss Betty Boop go cheggitout!

 But, for now, you should concentrate. CON-CEN-TRATE...

That's because lumpy ghosts are coming to greet you.

 Love the hands on this one. Fleischer animation flies by so fast it's easy to miss how many wonderful little details are in each shot.

Our "ay yi yi" ghost has moved south from the graveyard in "Swing You Sinners". A ghost can't haunt a damp graveyard forever y'know...

Of course, the real star of "Is My Palm Read" is, for me, "Bunko" the Ghost. Kind of like driving down the highway and suddenly being hit by the Goodyear Blimp. What the hell just happened? The world needs more Bunko the Ghost. Much more ...

The DVNR is pretty bad on this scene but it flies by pretty fast so here they are so you can get a better look.

Happy Halloween!