Thursday, February 14, 2008


Greetings and welcome to the inner  recesses of 'Uncle John's Crazy Town'? Do you like my crappy logo? No? Well, screw you mister! On this page you will find my own ill-informed opinions and favourite images from what I think was the greatest decade in animation history: the 30's! More to come!


cartooncolin said...

Yes! Uncah' John is bloggin!

Can't wait to see what kind of cartoon madness you enlighten us to. I personally vote for violence, satan, and acid trip walk cycles.

Spin it DJ Johnny V.

J.V. said...

Thanks! I hope to be posting soon: "Chaw: An Appreciation" It'll be trippin' to the'whack y'all!

Sgt King said...

Hi Uncle John and thanks for the site. I too especially love the 30's cartoons. Would love to get the missing Willy Whoppers but I'm not holding my breath!

J.V. said...

In a future post I will be putting up images from 'Vulcan Entertained' - the 16mm B&W version of 'Hell's Fire'. There are a number of scenes in this which do not appear on the 'Cartoons That Time Forgot' disc.