Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Most Illogical!: Vulcan Entertains Pt.2

Continuing 'Vulcan Entertains' filling in the gaps of 'Masquerade Holiday' (original title 'Hell's Fire') from the 'Cartoons that Time Forgot' set.

When we last left Willie Whopper he was in hell and kind of liking it. The devil on the other hand is pissed off because of a large rock dumped on his head by Willie who is basically a jerk..

The devil eyes Willie's dog. Is he responsible?

Willie is worried.


Willie pimps out his dog for a bump lick. The swelling decreases and the devil is pleasured. Willie's dog ruminates on the events that led to this moment in his life ...

The devil is relieved. Willie is worried because he has a nasty splice running through his 

Put 'er there, pal!

Too slow, sucker!

The devil laughs because Willie is a chump.

An O.S. trumpet fanfare is heard

Here is where Napoleon and his merry idiots are supposed to show up.

An interesting footnote: This section in 'Vulcan Entertains' has had the belches removed from the sound track. We must remember to be polite to Vulcan. 
... and a chick's ass as a musical instrument. Obviously there were New Yorkers on this crew.

Part 3 Coming Soon!

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