Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vulcan Entertains Pt.4

Continuing 'Vulcan Entertains' AKA 'Masquerade Holiday' AKA 'Hell's Fire': a Willie Whopper cartoon from 1934

'Old Man Prohibition' ignores the Devil's warning and walks away. On the soundtrack begins the song 'Hell's Bells'.  According to my CD 'Halloween Stomp' the song was written by Art Kassel. A version of it was recorded in 1933 by Sid Peltyn and his Orchestra under the pseudonym The New Yorkers. Of course it also appeared also in a 1934 Betty Boop cartoon: 'Red Hot Mama'.

He turns and his waist coat flies up revealing a corset. This gag has been cut from 'Vulcan Entertains'. So: no smoking, no drinking and no cross-dressing.

A couple of little devils take chase stabbing Prohibition in the ass.
He falls flat face first. Another cut.

One little devil holds Prohibition's hat while the other flips him over

Both devils exit OS left.

Three little devils run in from OS right carrying bottles marked 'XXX'. Hooray for liquor!

to be continued ...

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