Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Disney at Science World

Over in my neck of the woods it's unusual for any sort of classic animation screenings or exhibitions. Generally I wince with envy whenever such a thing occurs in New York or LA. The two shows appearing this summer in our little burg are not in that league but they do claim to contain animation 'artifacts' and as I would want to know about an exhibition happening in another city (even a small one) here is a list of  what I was able to notice at the Science World display. A bit more can also be seen here.

Generally Science World is nothing more than an indoor playground (with a light educational bent) where parents can take their kids to run around crazy for an hour or two in order to ensure a few hours of peace later while the kids sleep it off. Every parent I've met swears by the place.  I went with one myself - and his four year old. The Disney exhibit is quite small and is split into interactive stuff for the kids (but strangely no zoetropes to be seen) and a display of Disney artwork and a few props. Here, for the curious, is what I was able to notice ...

-original board to Karnival Kid
-original sheet music to 'Karnival Kid' (Carl Stalling notes)
-original sheet music to 'Steamboat Willie' (Carl Stalling notes)
-program for the premiere of 'Steamboat Willie'
-original sheet music to 'Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf' (Frank Churchill notes)
-printed music for 'Who's Afraid'
-16 storyboard drawings from Pinochio
-3 or so Marc Davis watercolors from Disneyland
-a drawing and set-up from 'Snow White'
-Dick Van Dyke's 'Jolly Holiday' jacket (from 'Mary Poppins') and the kid's jacket as well
-Annette's (?) Mouseketeer dress 

There was a bit more - not much though. The kids seemed to enjoy the interactive stuff and the parents seemed kind of confused by the museum-like display in the middle of a playground. 

*Mind you  parents really couldn't look at the artwork because naturally they're looking out for the safety of their kids - who are going ape all over the place. This stuff deserves a larger proper touring art show if you asked me.  

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