Friday, June 20, 2008

Kids Get An Education ... from "The Beer Parade"?

From the 'Tales of the Strange and Inexplicable" comes this story. An old childhood friend called the other night to tell me he had successfully completed his teaching practicum thereby qualifying him to teach elementary school unsupervised. Of course that was great news but then he informed me that, as part of his last class, he had shown a class of 11 and 12 year olds a DVD I had made him compiling cartoons centered around alcohol and tobacco! What lesson can be gleaned from "In The Nicotine" and "Hen Pecked Rooster" I have no idea but evidently the kids really responded to the Scrappy cartoon "The Beer Parade" even so much as cheering! Very bizarre choice in educational material if you asked me but it proves again that kids will watch B&W cartoons from 70 years ago like they were new. Too bad they weren't a Scrappy focus group.     

He told me they went particularly crazy for this scene and the 'flying flower' scenes that follow. You tell me ...

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