Monday, June 22, 2009

Betty Walk Cycle

This week I am posting the last of the three cycles to appear in "Betty Boop's Movie Cartoon Lessons": a rare 1930's promotional booklet designed to demonstrate some of the rudiments of animated cartoons. Curiously while the cycles of Bimbo & Koko seem to animate quite naturally on 1's at 24 fps, Betty seems to be moving really fast while on twos she seems to be moving way too slow. For interest I have included both. Of added interest is Betty's transitional outfit narrowing the publication date (unlisted in the actual book) as roughly 1934/35.

On 1's (24 fps)

On 2's (24 fps)

Click here to see the Koko the Clown flip book from "Betty Boop's Movie Cartoon Lessons"

Click here to see the Bimbo Flip Book from "Betty Boop's Movie Cartoon Lessons"

2 comments: said...

If we grant that neither speed seems appropriate, then I think that the explanation is simply that they were constrained to fit an integer number of cycles into exactly 12 frames.

J.V. (AKA "White Pongo") said...

Yern' fancy thinkin' number words don't 'a scare me none. Personally I think it's a 24X cycle and these drawings are keys. Weird that it only occurs in this cycle though.