Monday, February 16, 2009

Koko the Clown Flip Book!!

Now here's a rare treat for me as well. A Koko the Clown flip book published in the pages of 'Betty Boop's Movie Cartoon Lessons' in the early 30's. The registration is kinda jumpy right now ( I was anxious to see what it looked like) so I'll try and post a better version in the future. Until then click below and you will see Koko running to keep his appointment with Betty Boop!


Mitch K said...

Cool!! Thanks for sharing! :D

Bob Flynn said...

Wow, great find! I wonder if anyone has even seen it like this before. It being a flipbook exercise and all.

J.V. (AKA "White Pongo") said...

Somehow I doubt it. The original flip book never cycled back from 12 to 1. I probably cycled it longer than necessary but I wanted to be able to have a good look at it. Thanks for stopping by!