Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Wild Goose Chase

I was tipped off recently to this really wild cartoon, "The Wild Goose Chase" (Van Beuren, 1932) by expert Popeye-ologist and closet Van Beuren fan Bob Jaques - a cartoon he describes as a "happy nightmare".  In classic Van Bueren fashion the cartoon starts you off in (admittedly infectious) happy-sing-a-long-land before abruptly depositing you into the bowels of hell.  I wonder if the Van Beuren artists looked across the street at what the Fleischers were doing and thought: "We can't draw half as good as those guys but we can be twice as weird!"  

Words don't really suffice for something like this but ya might want to take that stiff belt 'o coffee now...

Magic palsy tree says: "Welcome to the enchanted freak show"!

Write your own joke.

Fat lumpy things are here to greet you!

What the?

In hell, or at the end of the rainbow or ... where is this again? Anyway, greedy people have skulls chained to their legs.

Holy Cow!


The Jerk said...

is that guy with the window shade on his head doing a Flip the Frog impression?

Bob Flynn said...

I love how long it takes them to decide if they want the gold still. And after all of that, they still say yes. But maybe weirder is when the Betty Boop-ish sing-songy thing starts up at the end. Nice that it wraps up on an optimistic note.