Friday, February 6, 2009

Pedagogical Institution (Stone Age Cartoon)

Due to more online curiosity I am today posting a better-than-average Stone Age Cartoon from 1940 'Pedagogical Institution (College to You)' de-facto directed by the under rated Abner Kneitel. Wow, what a title! Anyway, go here to see a beautiful Abner Kneitel Popeye drawing and here to see a reel of his animation work in the Popeye series. Enjoy!

The opening title card is missing in this print so here it is.

Bomb Head.

In case you missed it his name is Joe Dokes (B.A., B.O., P.D.Q, R.S.V.P., T.N.T., S.O.S.)

Man, I've been there. Maybe I needed to hose out my brain mush to check the oil.

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