Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ape Magic!

When in doubt go with 'Monkey Meat' (Terrytoons, 1930)

Holy crap, he's winkin' right at me!!

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ramapith said...

He's winking in silent acknowledgement of having temporarily bound and gagged Terry's usual mouse/rat leads of the time, putting them out of the way so he could star himself.
His punishment was later decided in a typical Terry colosseum-like sports arena, where half of the crowd inevitably got chased around the grounds in one large horde, broke out through one wall, then broke in again as one so the chase could continue.
In the melee, the bushmeat traders who had been attracted by the film's title were luckily arrested, but "thar warn't much else gained from it," said a local bewhiskered farmer. "We saw our duty, by gum... hooick-patooey!"