Saturday, March 26, 2011

16mm Castle Terry Boxes

Courtesy of Bob's cleaning purge comes these 16mm Castle Terry boxes. I love the colors in this one! Above Kiko can be seen punching out his own name. He was known to be self-destructive in this way.

Man, that Kiko drawing got some mileage. It first appeared in a series of promotional posters issued in 1937 on the subject of 'Red Hot Music' - probably the best Kiko.

This one is a bit tattered however Farmer Al's 16mm obsession led him to a life of near sensory deprivation. He was not known to emerge from his sooty bunker, wherein was stored the likes of 'Roman Punch', 'Club Sandwich' and the early masterpiece 'Monkey Meat', except for only the most basic (and depraved) of human functions. A later autopsy confirmed Farmer Alfalfa's actual age to be 23.

You mean I could have OWNED 'Holland Days'? Farmer Alfalfa's purchasing of liquor for minors was something he'd ultimately be arrested for in May, 1936. The trial dominated entertainment headlines until Mickey Rooney went berserk with a hacksaw in November of that year.

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buddeshepherd said...

Farmer Alfalfa is my favorite "affordable" cartoon to find on eBay. (I'm pretty low budget) I need to find some more! I need to stock up for the summer. We (local kids and I) like to watch them on the side of the neighbor's white barn.
I enjoy your blog.