Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween: Boogie Men

"Lullaby Land" (Disney Silly Symphony, 1933) is not an easy cartoon to get through. I will give it credit for being one of the more overtly Freudian cartoons of the early 30's but as I said: kinda dull. However, it does have 57 seconds of pure joy which occurs unexpectedly about three quarters in. This is "The Dance of the Bogey Men" and I believe it was animated  by Dick Huemer coming fresh from the Columbia Scrappy series. There was a great 78 RPM picture label disc issued of the song which I would love to hear some day!

As an added bonus today I am posting also the song "The Boogie Man" as recorded by Todd Rollins and his Orchestra. As the liner notes state: "Boo! Simply, one of the most disturbing lyrics in the entire western pop canon." I agree whole heartedly.


Theorbys said...

Whew, the first half of this sounds like the serial killer's playbook, the second half seems to have come directly from the 1935 Scrappy cartoon "Scrappy's Ghost Story". I don't know if there was ever an entire song called "I'm a Ghost" but it sounds identical to the song in that cartoon. And a great song it is, very much contributing to the genius of that cartoon.

J.V. (AKA "White Pongo") said...

A deep dive into a post almost a decade old! Wonder if this blog will be around 10 years from now? "The Boogie Man" hails from a CD I bought in the 90's called 'Halloween Stomp' on the short-lived Jass label. Milton Knight, who's work I wasn't yet familiar with, did the cover art. Pretty sure the version of 'I'm a Ghost' (which was an unlabeled 'hidden track') is taken directly from the film. The other 'hidden tracks' consisted mainly of audio clips from 'Jasper in a Jam'. Weirdly I knew the song only as a mystery track, with unknown provenance, for over 10 years until the internet and Jerry Beck's Garage Sale discs solved the mystery for me!