Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Taken For A Ride Pt.5

Music begins to play a more important role in the final 'act' of "Taken For A Ride". The funeral march is again restated  in between  prop gags each with it's own theme. The cartoon takes on more typical 30's characteristics as the actions begin to move to a musical beat. It's probably the weakest sequence in the film as Krazy, quite abruptly, changes mood from fearful (as in the graveyard and hide out) to playful. I guess they must have realized that an execution wasn't as hillarious as it might have originally seemed!

Cut to the back of the get away car as our heavies, now 'button-men', expectorate some black juice to rhythms of the funeral march. The bandage makes yet another appearance. I guess he must be related to the boss. They are also wearing V-neck sweaters for some reason.  Also, who's driving?

Shift in music as Krazy (in a Felix type gag) forms a concertina from the gorillas' derby hats. 

Return to the funeral march - they really intend to kill him.

Krazy fashions the musket barrel into a joos harp. He plays a version of a theme De Nat had previously used in a Toby the Pup cartoon: "The Museum" (1930). Toby music would reappear in many Mintz cartoons of the 30's. 

Return to the funeral march as Krazy is squished in time with the music. 

Krazy makes for the pistol. The heavies grab him but he slips out of his skin and dances on their heads playing the gun like a bagpipe. Putting a pistol in your mouth can be funny!

The manly gorilla shows Krazy that he has a tattoo and should be feared.

Close up as Krazy, in another Felix-type move,  stretches his nose into a clarinet. He plays a shimmy while the tattoo gyrates to the music.

End of the line ... or is it?

Part 6 (Final) Coming Soon!

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